Stephen M. Gyurisin

Managing Director, Advance

Steve is the Managing Director for Advance Planning Associates, a community development, planning, business geography and custom site selection operation since 1998. With it’s focus is community planning, due diligence research, project management, pre-construction services and social media strategies for public and private clients, Steve continues selecting work that helps communities meet future needs.

Steve has worked as Director of the I-81 Corridor with the Acquisition, Planning and Community Development Division with one of Virginia’s largest privately held real estate companies; as the Eastern Division Director of Marketing and Strategic Planning for a top 500 engineering firm; as Deputy Director of Development for Frederick County, Virginia; and, as Regional Manager for a VA-based computer mapping firm. He has been a Town Manager in Western Maryland and had the opportunity to own and manage a development firm, Pentathlon Corporation and Land Trust. He has held positions with regional agencies in Virginia and New York as well as private firms doing business throughout the eastern seaboard of the United States.

While with each senior level position he was involved with marketing, strategic planning and development decisions for municipal and private clients. He is project task and budget oriented, keeping his project within budget. Steve has a strong sense of natural design.

A few of his achievements include identification of the need for an Urban Development Area (UDA) as a tool to manage growth, performance based design codes, computer mapping with social and economic enhancements, public image and community relations using web and social media. Equally, he is pleased to have lead and been on teams to identify sites for companies that located on the east coast Mid-Atlantic Region that continue today.

Steve believes that only great communication brings success. Plus, he likes to see clients save and make money. Steve loves working with people. He gives hands-on leadership by example.

He provides a positive approach and attitude mixed with tempered excitement for a good plan and clear future vision. Steve has a degree in geography/urban studies. His current focus is creating a public arts firm.

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