Steven L. Nielsen

Brydant Development Services, LLC

Mr. Nielsen has over 35 years of direct planning & development experience and is considered to be a subject matter expert in Public Private Partnerships (P3), having led over $2 billion dollars in privatized development in recent years. Mr. Nielsen served as Community Development Director for the City of Tempe, Arizona for over 24 years, in which he was responsible for the design, development and implementation of the Tempe Town Lake. What makes this noteworthy is the transformation of a dry riverbed into a 2 mile long lake. With the stated objectives of flood control, economic development, environmental enhancement and enhanced quality of life, the Tempe Town Lake has exceeded all expectations and is now the 2nd most visited attraction in Arizona, next to the Grand Canyon.

The comprehensive planning and implementation strategies developed by Mr. Nielsen resulted in the development of over 10 million square feet of waterfront development, with current projections to exceed 20 million square feet at buildout. Through the development of a Strategic Real Estate Development Plan, Mr. Nielsen and his staff planned and executed the project under a Public Private Partnership approach that minimized City investment and maximized benefit to the Community.

In 2002, Mr. Nielsen was recruited by the President of Arizona State University to oversee the planning and implementation of what is known as “the New American University” to take ASU from 56,000 students to 120,000 students by 2020, making ASU the largest public university in the County. To achieve this goal, a Strategic Real Estate Development Plan was created to leverage both public and private capital under a Public Private Partnership approach.

As the Assistant Vice President for Real Estate Development, Mr. Nielsen oversaw the development of 8,000 student housing beds under a P3 financing; the development of a new downtown Phoenix campus; direct public incentives of over $300 million dollars; redeployment of under-developed and undeveloped property, and the largest corporate relocation in Arizona history with the 2 million square foot, State Farm Super Regional Center on university property.

The now completed State Farm Super Regional Headquarters created over 8,000 jobs and provides a long term revenue stream to the University to support its academic mission.

An integral part of the Strategic Real Estate Development Plan was the redevelopment of the university’s waterfront property from parking and golf course to commercial development. Mr. Nielsen formed the University Athletic Facilities District to create a mechanism to use revenue from commercial development of university property to fund ageing athletic facilities.

After leaving the university, Mr. Nielsen formed Brydant Development Services, LLC to provide Public Private Partnership expertise and low cost development opportunities for governmental entities and non-profit foundations. Mr. Nielsen developed a public finance model utilizing private capital with the construction of two Middle Schools for the Higley School District in Gilbert, Arizona. These two public schools were the first privately financed schools in Arizona and demonstrated a new approach to developing high quality educational facilities.

In providing a private sector business approach and discipline to the process of developing schools, Mr. Nielsen employed the use of a non-profit foundation to be the bridge owner/borrower, eliminating debt risk and future bond capacity limitations to the District. Without the restrictions placed on the use of publicly backed financing, alternative revenue sources were developed to include, land donations, the inclusion of a private-pay preschool, lighting donation, and the leasing of the school recreation facilities, nights, weekends, and summer to the local municipality, with the proceeds used to reduce the cost of the schools. Under this finance model, the non-profit borrower utilizes all revenue over finance costs for the benefit of the school district and upon retirement of the debt, ownership of the improvements transfer to the school district without additional cost or markup.

In order to provide a more streamlined approach to financing, Mr. Nielsen formed Municipal Development Foundation to provide direct access to funding for governmental entities and non-profits.

Mr. Nielsen holds an Arizona Real Estate Brokers License BR629177000.

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