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Site visit. The program development team

November 18, 2018

From L to R: Nathan Miller (the Town of Elkton Attny), Kevin Williams (AKAL Institute Property management), John Macaulay MD, Mike Amery, Cindy Marie, Tim Wiseman, Connor

Meeting to discuss Funding plan and Strategies to accomplish our Vision

August 6-7, 2018

From L to R: The 2 are Brydant Team, Next 3 Akal Institute Team, Then the the Town of Elkton Mayor

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Meeting with the Mayor and town Council at the town chambers

January 09, 2017

Akal enterprise team members presented the Shenandoah Wellness Park Master plan to the Elkton town Council and Mayor Jan 9 , 2017

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The Charrette Team Kickoff Meeting - A Historic Start

January 06, 2017

From L to R - Steve Vento, Fred Oesch, Pham Chopra, Bill Mechnick, Richard J. Hine. The Kickoff meeting in the Town of Elkton. Then preliminary design was established after hours of intense discussions.

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Legends induction at the Nationals Park with owner Mr. Ted Lerner and family

July 17, 2016

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